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Team Members

Babara stewart Alexis Shalanyuy
Huahua Sun Evelyn Yila
Liferter Javnyuy Rita Boyeh
Bernadette Fonyuy Oscar Sahla
Armande Barallon Eizabeth Pedoum
ANN Abdallah Rev. Father Paul Verla
Gladys Njiti Oscar Sahla
Cyprain Mengjo Ntumnyuy Yenwo
Syvanne Barallon Dennis Jr Nyuydzewira
Massey Njiti Derek Shemlon
Babara stuart Celia Haper
Elizabeth Mofola Donald Yelan
Naomi Jones-Yarde  Berinyuy Simanka
Helen Fonkwo
Rita Boye- Cameroon
Rose M Yibey – Cameroon
Mah Cecilia Kongla – Cameroon
Petya Karpuzova
Veselin Vasilev Arbov

Our Partners 2019-2020

  • Tesco Store
  • CENTRIC Community Properties
  • Women Resource Center, London UK             
  • Positive Vision – Bamenda Cameroon                                                      
  • Ealing Women’s Forum
  • Neighbourly Care
  • The Wilde Foundation 
  • Golden Opportunity Youth Association (GOYA) 
  • GNP – Northolt, London  
  • Ealing Refuge Center 
  • Ealing Youth Forum       
  • Ealing equality council
  • Ealing ECN     
  • Ealing council 
  • Ealing community Voluntary Services  UK   
  • African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), London UK 
  • Association for women’s Right in Development (AWID) 
  • SELAMO Foundation, Limbe, Cameroon 
  • Foundation for Women’s Health and research
  • Volunteer service Overseas (VSO)
  • Diaspora Volunteering Alliance
  • Women’s Equality Now 
  • London Reuse


  • John Lyons
  • ROSA, London UK                      
  • Trust for London
  • Ealing Council
  • London Catalyst
  • Free sport
  • ROSA
  • Comic Relief 
  • London Sport
  • Edge Fund
  • Funderbirds                                                                                                 
  • Ealing CVS
  • Heathrow Community Fund
  • Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO)
  • Diaspora Volunteering Alliance (DVA)
  • The Lottery community Fund
  • London community Foundation



Our objective is to bring local women volunteers who have skills to support local women/girls wishing to develop skills for volunteering and self employment. We are working with Ealing organisations, schools and businesses to raise awareness, and encourage women, to come up with ideas which will help to revitalise the community, with help from local mentors in business skills, peer support groups to improve language, develop lifelong skills, provide volunteering skills and a positive programme which will enable them to see the world of work as they are massively under-represented in Ealing.
The outcome will be 25 local women and girls empowered as volunteers in Ealing each year, promoting local volunteering, increasing employment and economic opportunities for the local community. Are you a student, professional? Would you like to share your skills with others? Are you looking for an organization to carry out your internship? Would you like to do voluntary service in London or in Cameroon to support women’s organisation? Contact us at

Volunteering in London

Our members are our volunteers and are a big part of the CAWOGIDO team. We appreciate and value any contribution you make as a volunteer. We want you to enjoy volunteering, so there are a variety of ways in which you can help and share your unique skills with us to promote sustainable, effective volunteering and long-lasting collaboration.

International Volunteering Programme

CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation (CAWOGIDO), currently implementing an international volunteering programme under the Diaspora-led Programme supported by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO-UK) and partnered with diaspora volunteering alliance.
The underlying initiative of the programme is
1. Sustainable transfer of skills and capacity building to the Cameroonian Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The programme benefits women’s organisations all over the country
2. Commitment – contribute in a meaningful way by offering your skills / experiences as a volunteer
3. Collaborative – make a lasting difference before, during and after you volunteer in our organization and other organizations in Cameroon.
4. Rewarding – learn about your volunteering experiences. We will highly recommend you

CAWOGIDO celebrates 5th birthday to CAWOGIDO celebrates 10th Anniversary

CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation (CAWOGIDO) is a community based African Diaspora organisation established in the UK with a guiding principle to improve the economic, political and social status of disadvantaged women and girls and young people through implementing activities in empowerment, advocacy and human rights and dedicated to improving the health and well-being of a variety of people from disadvantaged communities, Black and Minority Ethnic Groups, develop their potential and mobilise them to engage effectively in community development and regeneration activities both in the UK and abroad. 2013, marks the 5th anniversary of CAWOGIDO’s existence, from its humble beginnings in 2008 when we started the organisation as a working group of the Minority Women’s Group from Africa before registration and effective work started in March 2010. CAWOGIDO has been contrubuting in the campaign to empower African women in the diaspora, and has contributed to creating awareness, advocacy and promoting policy development. CAWOGIDO will celebrate its birthday with a women’s day conference next year aiming at intensifying their work on FGM, as well as an evening fundraising gala to raise money for our activities women and girls social enterprise in Ealing. This women’s day events will also be accompanied by a sensitization campaign to lobby for resources for our poverty reduction activities with women and children in Ealing.
The project started with just 5 committed members, supported by their membership dues, who began by sensitising other diaspora women about their situation and offering general support with gender based issues.
As a respected, well established and growing diaspora African women’s organisation, our number of contacts with women has steadily increased and our services developed to respond to their needs. Our team within the charity aims to provide information and support to women and girls affected by gender based violence and build the capacity of young people and those at risk of sexual exploitation.
Since 2010 CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation has also provided service providing support and advocacy to women and girls and young people, we proud of our huge achievements in just a few years.


The Board of trustees of CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation wishes to acknowledge the following partners/ donors for their financial and technical support that helped the accomplishment of the planned activities for the year 2012: The Cameroon Prime Minister’s Office , COMIC RELIEF, Trust for London, Ealing Council, Ealing CVS, Heathrow Community Fund, Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), Diaspora Volunteering Alliance (DVA), The Foundation for women’s Health Research and Development (FORWARD), The Mellenuim Group (TMG), Positive Vision Bamenda Cameroon, CENDEP Limbe Cameroon, Selamo Poultry Farmers,
Special acknowledgement also goes to the following Ealing equality council, Ealing women’s Forum, Ealing ECN, Ealing Link and GNP Youth Forum, Women resource center London and WHEC
A huge thank you for all the individuals who supported us both financial and material namely: Honorable Mrs Rachel Epupa Lyonga, Prof and Mrs Joy Fraiser, Grace Elone with Team GE, Mr Denis Nyuydzewira – Deputy High Commissioner in London, Pastor June Fredenburg, Armande Barallon, Dr Yenwo Godfrey and Mr Cyprain Mengnjo. The Diaspora and all other stakeholders including member organizations that helped in one way or the other for the achievement of the 2012 CAWOGIDO’s objectives.