Work On Gender Based Voilence Continues With Focus On Breast Ironing And FGM

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CAWOGIDO continued to support the women’s program in Ealing to fight GBV with a great measure of success, reaching more than 1,000 women and girls with positive messages on violence against women.

CAWOGIDO is currently supporting other programs targeting gender based violence and sexual health with a big focus on Breast Ironing, FGM, child marriage and HIV/AIDS.

On capacity building, CAWOGIDO has engaged in the development and review of her members’ capacities on the prevention of FGM and are seeking opportunities for members to build their individual and organisational capacities, to volunteer and contribute in the prevention of FGM and support of affected communities. Consequently, CAWOGIDO, through the Trust for London grant, is continuing the project providing information on breast ironing and other related GBV information.

Even with such successes, critical challenges such as access to resources for capacity building and advocacy trainings in enhancing the voice of women to provide an advocacy platform and working with national policies on prevention of violence among women and girls remain a key challenge as CAWOGIDO opens a new chapter in implementing the strategic plan 2013-2015.

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