What We Do - Because We Care

Programmes And Activities

  • Education and Community Support Programs
  • Prevention of gender based violence
  • Micro-enterprising for small businesses
  • Training
  • Youth programme   
  • Health Programmes

Education and Community Support Programs

Upgrading and improving the environment, health, educational, social, and cultural and infrastructure aspects. Education on women and girls sexual and reproductive health through seminars, workshops &  conferences and capacity building for women

Prevention of Gender Based Violence

Our strategic plan focuses on three strategic directions: community systems strengthening, improving policies for protecting women and girls from violence and institutional systems strengthening. The adoption of the new strategic plan represented a transition of our strategic thinking and focus guided by fresh evidence and aligned to the UK gender policies 2011 also saw increased networking and partnerships and the scaling up of activities towards training, education and counselling for women and girls affected by FGM.

Through our community programme, we have initiated a process of change from within targeted communities, where a cadre of dedicated women volunteers are helping, persuading and empowering other women.

We are continuing to raise the issue of Breast Ironing and FGM, and in our future plans we will continue to promote women and girl’s sexual and reproductive health through education, advocacy and capacity building especially on matters related to GBV; breast ironing, FGM, Forced marriage, teenage pregnancy, STIs and HIV/AIDS

Micro-Enterprising for small businesses

The main goal of this program is to provide technical help, training, business mentoring and other types of support to developing social enterprise, Income generation for youth and women,  micro-enterprise business owners and farm women on how to grow and market their crops. To date, only a few projects have been financed.

With the generous support of individuals and businesses, we are hoping to increase the number of projects we support in Cameroon and assist women to market their produce their produces in the UK and to develop sustainable social enterprise for women in Ealing.

Training in London

We conduct specialized training programs such as training for refugees and asylum seeking women, women’s participation in community development, health sensitisation and promotion, Training of Trainers (TOT), Attitude and Behaviors change, Participatory and specialized workshops for NGO leaders and capacity building for organisations and members. Workshops for experience sharing, advocacy and policy influencing on cross cutting issues such as HIV/AIDS.

Women and Poverty

A social enterprise programme which will give people tailored support to get back into work and fight poverty is now in place. The programme is different to previous schemes as it assesses people to discover the different types of social enterprise and what barriers are preventing them from engaging.  Skill Building for Farm women in Cameroon - Through our work with various local women's groups in Limbe and Bui, we offer a number of capacity building trainings to farm women. For example, through the use of volunteers and members women have been train to cultivate vegetables and food and sell to generate income.

Youth Programmes

Our work with young people in the Uk is more of promoting volunteering, education, sports, apprenticeship, training and employment by a practical means of development of information and skills including counseling and mentorship. We aim to reduce poverty and to bring together a variety of young people from disadvantaged communities, Black and Minority Ethnic groups, develop their potential and mobilise them to engage effectively in community development, education and regeneration activities and build their capacities through education and trainings while addressing cross cutting issues such as sexual health and sexual expliotation, drugs, alcohol and crime .

Health Programmes

We aim to strengthen access to education for women and girls affected by breast ironing, FGM, HIV/AIDS and to strengthen the capacity of local organisations and communities to respond to the impact of breast ironing, FGM and HIV/AIDS among women and girls Training and education to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive health issues among women and girls Provision of legal aid and advice to victims of sexual and reproductive health problems and violence interpersonal counselling Health service information and orientation, Advocacy and Lobbying of policy makers on the prevention of gender based violence.