Our Achievements

Provide Information And Resources

CAWOGIDO’s information and resources form a key component of our education and awareness strategy. These resources were provided directly to women and girls experiencing breast ironing, FGM and child marriage.

Provide Training, Advice And Mentoring

Trainings and 23 public education sessions have been conducted and that forms a key part of CAWOGIDO’s work and aims to help provide the relevant skills to build the capacity of women in tackling poverty and be self employed.

Lobby And Advocacy Action In The UK And In Cameroon

Advocacy and campaign action is central to the work of CAWOGIDO due to the need to strengthen visibility of the issues that CAWOGIDO tackles. While unemployment has been an issue of concern in the UK for the past years, because it affects primarily ethnic minority groups and refugees and asylum seekers, We strive to work through partnerships and networks to undertake our advocacy and campaign activities to put people back to work.

Community Action And Engagement

Our community programmes is geared at engaging with women and young people and strengthening partnerships and capacity of African and minority ethnic migrant and refugee community based organisations. We have worked through advisory group made up of representatives from community agencies that provided guidance and support monitoring of the project.

Network Support

The media reports from Women’s radio in Acton West London on CAWOGIDO’s work have also risen. The promotion of CAWOGIDO’s work has not only increased communities understanding CAWOGIDO, but build organisations working with local organisations, Ealing council and Ealing

Confidently we would say that through Ealing CVS support and Ealing Women’s forum, CAWOGIDO engagement with women populations and high risk groups such as prostitutes in Southall Broadway have become more energised.

Members and volunteers contributions are now more responsive to key population needs and interactions during other CAWOGIDO and other stakeholders' forums have been more visible. The groups working within these populations are now more visible and willing to share out their information with others.

After the October conference in 2012, there has been increased engagement in programming in breast ironing among Cameroonians which made CAWOGIDO a referral point for capacity building, information and advocacy work for breast ironing. As a result, awareness of the issue and open discussions of strategies to stop it has remarkably increased both within and outside the Cameroonian communities in London

We have achieved new and innovative ideas of empowering young people and women, empowering families and empowering communities. We have experience gained through our various projects empowering young people economically and socially as they were empowered to take centre stage in their education, welfare and job hunt by working with young people in Greenford, Northolt and Perivale where there is high rate of unemployment in the London borough of Ealing

Since we received the NLDC grant, it has enabled us to continue on a growth and organisational development path, including an expansion of our volunteer work force and capacity building for our members and knowledge upgrade on HIV/AIDS and sexual health and FGM.

CAWOGIDO has updated her website to better meet members and user needs. The website has been used locally and internationally as a source of information on Women’s reproductive health. CAWOGIDO’s website is quickly becoming a sharing and communication tool, not only among member organizations, but also to other interested parties worldwide

CAWOGIDO takes pride in having dedicated members and volunteers some serving as Board members providing a wide range of voluntary services. Their contribution is a strength of our organisation. They are the stewards and leaders of the services valued by our diversed communities both in London and in Cameroon. Through their collective acts and deeds, we are building women into a caring and dedicated diaspora group

CAWOGIDO key strengths is attributed to its solid policies, commitment and dedication to service, volunteerism to contributing to international development, and visionary leadership. We have established good credibility that has built trust and confidence - which not only strengthens members moral, but enables CAWOGIDO to gain resources and to be more effective in its programmes and projects