CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation is one of the BAME women’s group working with multicultural community groups in Ealing. We have an unparalleled reach to all parts of our community, including so- called hard to reach communities, with over 500 clients.
We, together with our partner Neighborly Care Southall have experience of working across the borough providing services for older people and disadvantaged adults with complex needs, frail elderly and people...

CAME fight against poverty amongst women in Ealing by Launching a new social enterprise for women

Most women being affected by the new benefit and social welfare changes are facing hardship, no employment and have little or no means of supporting themselves or their families. Although we have a literacy training programme, the majority of the women needs vocational skill training in order to find employment and support themselves.

These Women and young girls that we are targeting are poor and vulnerable and the must import issue is that it is the women that are requesting sewing as a means to develop their skills and be self employed...

Work On Gender Based Voilence Continues With Focus On Breast Ironing...

CAWOGIDO continued to support the women's program in Ealing to fight GBV with a great measure of success, reaching more than 1,000 women and girls with positive messages on violence against women.

CAWOGIDO is currently supporting other programs targeting gender based violence and sexual health with a big focus on Breast Ironing, FGM, child marriage and HIV/AIDS.

Sexual Health project continues after funding from Community Development Foundation

The project to provide information and promote sexual health choices for young people, was a 3-month project by CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation (CAWOGIDO) working in partnership with other local youth groups, health partners, they organised 1 workshop and 13 sensitization campaigns to promote sexual health choices for young people in the Green Broadway ward area and sexual exploitation.

CAME Women and girls development organisation is set to promote the Olympic...

London 2012 Olympics legacy bypassing women and girls, Women and girls are being denied the chance to capitalise on the legacy of the London Olympics, says Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation. Britain's female athletes enjoyed their best ever Games in 2012, but the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation  says fundamental obstacles still block the development of girls in sport. The charity says British women are held back by a culture that urges them to be thin rather than healthy. "The achievements of Jessica Ennis, Sarah Storey, Kath Grainger and so many others have taken support for women's sport to new heights and made 2012 the best year ever for women's sport.