FGM - Female Genital Mutilation

The Way Forward with FGM

One of CAWOGIDO's objectives is information dissemination and sensitisation campaign against gender based violence and in particular against the practice of FGM, breast ironing and child marriage. Our vision is to contribute to the total elimination of all forms of gender based violence and sexual abuse of women, including FGM (in all its forms).

Our current focus is on Community campaigns through mobilisation and engagement as well as education and sensitization. Community campaign and education against FGM is a key feature of CAWOGIDO's intervention. CAWOGIDO raises community awareness about FGM through workshops and seminars that target specific groups, including mainstream women's groups, girl peer educators, African women, men, boys and girls both here in London and in Cameroon.

Information for trainings and sensitizations is focus on the origin and dangers of FGM. Groups are taught about the Children's Act of 2001, which prohibits and punishes anyone who carries out the practice of FGM on a minor. Posters and banners are being produce to demonstrate the practice of FGM and the consequences of FGM. Women and girls and victims of FGM are encouraged to give testimonies and share their experiences with each other to promote understanding of the dangers associated with this FGM practice. They are empowered to say 'No' to FGM and to report perpetrators.

We are currently establishing community links with FGM practicing community to campaign against FGM, advise affected girls, and protect those at risk of FGM and early marriage. This strategy of involving members of the affected communities in campaign activities will give the community a sense of ownership and promoted longterm sustainability and contribute to ending FGM. Our campaigns - together with other GBV campaigns such as breast ironing and child marriage is yielding greater results.

We are currently seeking support from ROSA UK, FORWARD UK and COMIC RELIEF UK to continue to provide training, advocacy and community campaigns to the women and girls and the community.